TWENTY-SIXTH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME                                      YEAR ‘A’                    


27TH SEPT.              ST.PAUL'S          9:00 am          People of the Parish  

                                                                                    Mena Staddon R.I.P.


                                 ST. MARY'S          11:00am       People of the Parish

                                                                                   Private Intention [F.W.]


4TH OCTOBER               ST. PAUL'S                 9:00am            People of the Parish                                                                                                                        Violet Moran R.I.P.


                                  ST. MARY'S        11:00am      People of the Parish

                                                                                  Barbara Roberts

                                                                                  [In time of illness]


A reminder that places for Mass at 9 am in St Pauls and 11am in St Marys are required every time you wish to attend and should be made via the dedicated numbers only before 3pm on Fridays. All applicants will be contacted by text or phone call to confirm whether the application has been successful or not. If you don’t hear anything by lunchtime on Saturday it may mean that the message hasn’t been received – to avoid disappointment and being turned away at the door if all spaces have already been allocated please only attend Mass if your place has been confirmed.#

Dedicated phone booking number  07541  036999  for Mass at St. Mary’s

Dedicated phone booking number  07541  025255  for Mass at St. Paul’s  


Thank you for all your support, kind messges of appreciate and your patience....We are all learning to adapt and adjust together.



                                    MY MESSAGE TO YOU 


Hello again,

with news of more ‘lock-downs’ and more restrictions on social gatherings and travel.  Whatever can be next?  The only certainty is that we are in for a protracted period of ‘living-with-the-virus’ and having to act sensibly, safely and seriously.



With this in mind, we have finally got around to setting up a system whereby ‘live streaming’ of Mass along with other Services and various para-liturgies can be made available to those with the facilities at home to ‘tune in’ via the website.


This Sunday we had a trial-run, and the wall-mounted camera was certainly not intrusive. I had visions in past months of a tripod placed directly before the altar and its presence detracting from the celebration of the Mass.  The picture quality was excellent and the microphones relayed Readings and Prayers in a more than satisfactory manner.


The plan is ‘stream’ Mass next Sunday, (4th October), at 11.00 am., from St. Mary’s.  The only proviso is that we are still awaiting our license/permit to broadcast, but I am assured this is on the way.


Inside a short time, having surmounted any teething troubles that may arise from the Sunday ‘streaming’, we can begin a weekday schedule of Masses from St. Mary’s.  Details of this new timetable will be published in due course.




This is more or less complete, with the final touches being added this week.  For those who are conversant with the technology, it is now much easier to navigate the various pages of the Parish Website and there are plans for further pages to be made available for Parishioners or Parish Groups to avail of this further aid to communication.


Please click here to continue reading my message. To read in full and to access this week's full newsletter please click our downloads tab at the top of this page. 


Cycle of Prayer

We pray for all those loved ones whose anniversaries occur at this time of the year, those we always carry in our hearts and those in our Remembrance Calendar for the duration of our 'lockdown'.



Please contact Fr. Michael.


Standing Orders:

Some people are still dubious about the ‘official’ name of the Parish current account as they seek to set up standing Orders and Direct Debits. I have been assured time and again that our account is listed as ‘Archdiocese of Cardiff’, (as with every other Parish), BUT, the guarantee that your money goes into our account is vouchsafed by our exclusive Sort Code Number and Account Number.

So, in our case, the necessary information is ARCHDIOCESE OF CARDIFF ACCOUNT NO. 23083578    SORT CODE  20 – 18 – 23



Our phone number is: 01291 622649 or email is

Our Vision – To develop the faith of our Parish Community to meet the Spiritual, Social and the Moral challenges facing us in the modern World’


(A Parish of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cardiff - Registered Charity No. 242380)


Our Parish Office is located at:

St. Mary's Presbytery
Bulwark Road


NP16 5JE



Contact us today!

If you wish to speak to our parish priest please call us on (01291) 622649 or email: