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REQUIEM MASS at which we pray for the Eternal Rest of John O’Hara will now take place next Thursday, 13th August, at 11.00 am., in St. Mary’s.  The Family have followed the Guidelines regarding ‘distancing’ in the church building and have allocated some thirty seats for their chosen Mourners.  People have asked if they can assemble and remain outside the church during the Mass, and of, course, this is eminently possible -   with the Guidelines concerning ‘distancing’ being maintained.

Please remember John and the Family in your prayers.


HOPEFULLY there will be better news next week in respect of celebrating Sunday and weekday Masses at St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s.  Please God, we might see the appearance of a few more Parishioners able to perform the role of ‘Steward’.  Please don’t think this situation is unique to our Parish.  I have been hearing of any number of Parishes that would be in a position to offer more opportunities for people to attend Mass   -   if only there were more Stewards available.  One Cardiff Parish is so well-off in this regard that Stewards are required to be under 60 years of age before being accepted for the role.


UNTIL NEXT WEEK , then , and with details of the dedicated telephone numbers which will permit you to ‘apply’  (?)  for a seat at Mass   -   together with a ‘Covid-compatible’  floorplan now in operation at St. Mary’s   -  and maybe the same for St. Paul’s ,   I wish you every Blessing and the wish that you remain well and safe.

Fr. Michael.  


Ps.  I have been asked to mention the following:

A NUMBER OF PARISHIONERS have been very kindly trying to set up arrangements with the bank in order to continue with their weekly contributions to Parish Funds , (the ‘Collection’)    Unfortunately , banks have tightened up on their rules concerning such matters , due to any number of scams and fraudulent practices that are occurring in these difficult times.  There are always those who have no concept of working for the common good   -   and have no other thought than causing harm and distress.


I know I have published the Parish bank details previously, but I am asked to let you know the full title of the Parish account, if it might be of help.  So, here goes:





That’s how it is written in the ‘book’.

Just in case you didn’t get the additional information:

Account No.   23083578 :  and the  Sort Code reads  20 – 18 – 23


I hope this may be of help to you.


Once again, thanks and keep well and safe.


Cycle of Prayer

We pray for all those loved ones whose anniversaries occur at this time of the year, those we always carry in our hearts and those in our Remembrance Calendar for the duration of our 'lockdown'.



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